Pet allergies are one of the things that can go wrong medically while you are trying to take care of your furry friend. You may not know until you have had your pet for quite some time that he or she has allergies. Fortunately, Mountain View Veterinary Clinic can provide all the care you need for such pet allergies. The following are three signs that your pet has allergies. 


Constant Coughing or Wheezing

Coughing and wheezing are two of the more apparent signs of allergies. Your pet's allergies may manifest as respiratory issues, much like they would manifest in you. You may want to bring your pet to our fear free vet if you notice that he or she is coughing and having breathing problems. Our fear free vet in Northwest Tucson can prescribe a topical agent for your pet that will help with the irritation. 

Scratching and Biting

A pet's allergies may also manifest as skin irritation. You might notice that your pet is scratching or biting something that you cannot see. You might discover that his or her skin is irritated if you take a close look at it. Our pet specialist can investigate the issue and then develop a treatment plan that will have your fur baby feeling much better. 

Repetitive Head Shaking

Another way that pet allergies reveal themselves is through frequent ear infections. One major sign of an ear infection is a repetitious head shake. Your pet might be suffering from allergies if it shakes its head frequently. That is a sign that the animal is experiencing pain or discomfort in the ear, and it's trying to get rid of it by shaking it off.  

How Our Northwest Tucson Vet Can Help

We specialize in a wide variety of pet medical care, including pet allergy relief. Our veterinarian would first need to diagnose your pet by performing a series of tests. Once the AZ veterinarian finds out the source of the allergy, he or she can recommend a specific treatment plan. Treatment plans may include oral medications, topical agents, or shots if the allergies are severe. You may also have to change your pet's diet if it appears that it has food allergies. 

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