Caring For Your Geriatric Cat

5 Tips for Caring for Your Senior Cat

Those who own a geriatric pet in Tucson need to know about senior pet care. Once you're the owner of a senior cat, pet ownership is more than just knowing where the location of the nearest animal hospital. There are some important things to watch out for as well as some steps that you can take to ensure that your older kitty is comfortable and happy. Mountain View Veterinary Clinic wants to make sure you know that senior cats need special care. Here are five areas where it's important to keep new things in mind when providing proper senior pet care.


1. Watch Out for Dehydration

This can be a significant problem in northwest Tucson. Older cats are more prone to dehydration. Monitor your kitty's litterbox to make sure they are defecating regularly. Constipation is a sign that dehydration may be a problem, one which your veterinarian can help solve.

2. Track Your Cat's Habits

Speaking of monitoring your cat's litterbox, you should be doing that with all of your cat's regular activities. Are your cat’s eating habits consistent? Does its stool look normal? Is your cat’s activity level remaining the same? If you notice any changes in the usual patterns then it's time to investigate.

3. Good Grooming and Dental Hygiene

As cats get older they can't always practice good personal care as they once did. It's important to brush your cat’s coat regularly and make sure it stays clean. Also, many cats will run into dental issues as they age. This may mean making adjustments to your cat's diet.

4. Be Prepared for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments of a geriatric pet. This can lead to reduced mobility and chronic pain. The right kind of exercise and certain medications can help with this condition.

5. Regular Visits to the Veterinarian

With an older cat, it's more important than ever to make sure your cat sees the vet regularly. The right vet can advise you about the best way to treat all of the above conditions, as well as provide more information about what to watch out for.

Your Senior Cat Deserves a Fear Free Vet

What your older pet does not need during a visit to the vet is additional stress and anxiety. At Mountain View Veterinary Clinic we are glad to offer fear-free veterinary services to Northwest Tucson. Visit our new patient center to learn more about the services that we offer cats of all ages or call us at 520-744-7456.