Flea & Tick Prevention

Flea & Tick Prevention Provided by a Tucson, AZ Veterinarian 

Fleas are a nuisance for your pet and can also bite your family. Ticks, on the other hand, can spread the disease to your pet. Therefore, you should understand the different types of flea and tick prevention and what makes them unique, so you may make an informed decision. At Mountain View Veterinary Clinic, serving Tucson, AZ and the nearby region, we offer various flea prevention and tick prevention methods to keep your pet safe and your house free from pests. 


Spot-On Treatment 

One treatment we offer to the northwest Tucson region and surrounding area is a spot-on treatment. This particular treatment consists of vet squeezing a small tube of a flea and tick prevention medication on your pet. This particular solution will deposit in your pet's sebaceous glands. The active ingredient then releases and travels through the glands that lubricate your pet's fur. 

Once a flea or tick comes in contact with the chemical, the pesticide will attack the flea or tick's nervous system, so the pest can't feed off your pet. 

Flea Collar 

A flea collar has a pesticide applied to the collar. When a parasite comes in contact with the chemical on the collar, the flea will die. Most flea collars are less expensive than spot-on treatments. However, some fleas have grown immune to the active ingredient in certain flea colors. Additionally, your pet does not have any protection from fleas if the fleas aren't near the collar. 


A pill for flea and control prevention consists of a pesticide that is safe for your pet to ingest. You will have different options for medications, and they each work in different ways. For instance, some pills kill the adult fleas while others stop the reproduction cycle by inhibiting the fleas from being able to lay eggs. 

Finding One for You 

While each option works similarly, they each work for different lengths of time. You also want to discuss with our northwest Tucson vet if your pet has any health concerns to ensure the veterinarian can find the right solution for you and your pet. 

No matter which option you and the vet choose for your pet, we make sure that we are a fear-free vet, meaning we make the experience as pleasant as possible for your pet. Additionally, at a fear-free vet visit at our animal hospital, we will address any questions or concerns you may have, such as the effectiveness and frequency of application. 

Flea prevention and tick prevention can protect your pet. Our vet can also make sure you do not get fleas in your home. We pride ourselves in finding an option that works right for you. 

Schedule an appointment today with our animal hospital for flea and tick prevention from Mountain View Veterinary Clinic, serving Tucson, AZ, and the general vicinity, by calling us at 520-744-7456.