Nutritional Counseling

Your pet's diet is an important part of keeping your dog or cat as healthy and active as possible. Animals will have different dietary needs at various stages throughout their lives. It is important to find a vet and an animal hospital that can provide nutritional counseling for your pet. At Mountain View Veterinary Clinic in Tucson, we provide a variety of pet services, including nutritional counseling.


The Importance of Nutrition for Your Pet

What your pet eats plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Several health conditions can be improved or even eliminated with a healthy diet. Some of these include:

  • Diabetes - A vet can prescribe a specialized diet for a pet with diabetes. When and how often your pet eats is also important when controlling diabetes.
  • Anxiety - A veterinarian can advise you of certain foods to give an anxious pet, as well as foods you will want to avoid.
  • Joint Conditions - There are several nutrients and supplements a dog or cat can take to improve their joint health.
  • Weak Immunity - Fish oil and vitamin E are sometimes given to pets to improve their immune system. You will want to consult with our veterinarian before adding any supplements to your pet's diet.
  • Obesity - Keeping your pet fit can reduce or eliminate health conditions including diabetes and weak joints. Our vet can put together a diet and activity program to help your pet lose weight.

Consult a Veterinarian for Nutritional Counseling

Our veterinarian can provide you with nutritional guidance that specifically meets the needs of your pet. Our fear free veterinary hospital can meet your pet's health and nutritional needs. We will take into account several factors when putting together a nutritional program for your pet. These factors will likely include your pet's age, size, activity level, and any specific health needs. Make sure to choose a vet and an animal hospital that provides nutritional counseling and has the expertise needed to put together a healthy meal plan.

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