Pet Dental FAQs

Your pet's teeth are used both to eat and for personal defense. Tooth and gum issues can cause your pet discomfort, interfere with sleep, affect her nutrition, and generally reduce the quality of your pet’s life. That why pet dental care is so important. At Mountain View Veterinary Clinic, we have years of experience providing Tucson pet owners with reliable pet dental care. Following are the answers to questions our veterinarian frequently receives regarding pet dental care. 


How Often Do Pets Need Dental Care?

In general, your pet should receive an examination and dental cleaning once per year. Often, you can have this done at a routine visit, so you keep on track with dental visits without any hassle. For some breeds, such as small dogs, you may want to visit a veterinarian for a dental cleaning bi-yearly. Small breeds are more prone to oral issues that can lead to tooth loss. 

Can Pets Get Gum Disease?

Without routine cleanings and examinations, pets can develop gum disease. This could lead to constant bad breath and tooth loss severe cases. 

What Are the Signs of Pet Dental Problems?

You might notice that your pet is gnawing on things more often to combat the pain. Sometimes, a pet will just act crankier than normal, which is his or her instinct when in pain. Animals tend to hide their pain and discomfort, so your pet’s behavioral changes may be difficult to detect.

You could also notice that your pet is having a hard time chewing or only eating on one side of his or her mouth. You may visibly notice broken, damaged, or missing teeth. You could also smell an unpleasant odor from your pet's mouth, which could signify an infection.

Does My Pet Need an Anesthetic or Sedation for Routine Dental Care?

While it's possible to complete the process without any type of sedation or anesthetic, this isn't the best solution for most pets. Your pet will do better – and create a fear free veterinary hospital experience – by making sure your pet is comfortably sedated. 

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If you believe your pet is suffering from dental issues, the pet care professionals at Mountain View Veterinary Clinic are ready to assist you. For more information on pet dental care or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today at (520) 744-7456.