Pet Surgery

Taking your pet to the veterinarian for surgery can be a scary and uncertain time. Whether your pet needs a routine procedure or is undergoing emergency surgery, the well-being of your pet is always in the front of your mind as a pet owner. The professional and caring team at Mountain View Veterinary Clinic in Tucson, AZ, is here when your pet needs surgery. We believe that the more information a pet owner has about a surgical procedure, the less stressed the pet owner will be.


Routine Pet Surgery

Not all surgeries have to be for an emergency. The majority of pet surgical procedures are quite common and routine. One common example of a routine pet surgery is a spay or neuter surgery. This makes it impossible for your pet to be able to have offspring, not only helping to control the pet population but also helps to protect your pet from developing dangerous diseases later in life. Furthermore, common pet surgeries can include dental procedures and procedures to remove growths for biopsies and testing.

Emergency Pet Surgery

Unfortunately, sometimes an emergency will arise which requires emergency surgery. This can be a result of an injury to the bones or soft tissues. Often, having a surgical pin or screw inserted into the bone can help stabilize the joint. Other emergency surgeries can remove dangerous blockages caused by ingesting a foreign object. If left in place in the stomach or intestines, foreign bodies could become fatal without surgery. Lastly, many cats and dogs develop urinary infections and diseases that require the removal of dangerous cysts from internal organs. These surgeries are often necessary to save the animal's life.

What To Expect From Your Veterinarian

Taking your pet to the vet for surgery can be a scary and uncertain time. When you are prepared with the right information you can know what to expect. Our veterinarian will first take vitals from your pet including your pet's temperature, possible blood work, and our vet will likely listen to your pet's heart and lungs. Blood work will determine if your pet is healthy enough to undergo surgery.

If your pet requires emergency surgery, expect a few diagnostic tests such as X-Rays and ultrasounds to be completed before surgery. Following a successful surgery, our veterinarian will provide detailed aftercare instructions which may include a follow-up visit, prescription medication, or possibly physical therapy to restore movement to an injured limb.

Pet Surgery in Tucson, AZ

The professional and caring team at Mountain View Veterinary Clinic understands that any surgery can be a frightening time for both you and your pet. That is why we are a fear-free veterinary hospital. Operating as a fear-free veterinary hospital, we believe that having quality information before your pet's surgery will help provide peace of mind and comfort while your pet is in surgery. If you would like to know more about our veterinary services or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us today at 520-744-7456.